Running successful campaigns requires investing in advertising, signage, canvassing and more. Thank you for considering helping the Bob Sergi for Sheriff campaign with your financial support. Together, we can win!


IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to click the ‘Occupation and Employer’ option during the PayPal checkout and note your occupation and employer for us. This information is required so that we can comply with campaign finance regulations.

 ~ $20

 ~ $50

 ~ $100

 ~ $500

 ~ Select the amount you’d like to donate.

~ Click this button to purchase a
ticket to the Fundraising Dinner

By Mail

Bob Sergi for Sheriff
PO Box 1827
Jacksonville, OR 97530

Please provide the following details with your contribution:
Name / Address / Occupation / Employer


Help us plan ahead for the needs of the campaign.

Fine Print

Oregon does not have a political campaign contribution limit. Oregon provides a $50 per person state tax credit for political contributions. Contributions over $100 per person per calendar year are made available in the public record. If goods or services are provided in exchange for your contribution (for example, the meal at a campaign event with a price for admission), the value of those goods or services are not counted toward the $100 reporting limit, or toward the $50 Oregon political tax credit. We ask for your name, address, employer and occupation in order to comply with campaign finance regulations. Your PayPal email confirmation or your cancelled check serve as receipt for donations.


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