The Candidate

familyBob Sergi
Candidate, Jackson County Sheriff

Bob Sergi began his law enforcement career in 1979 in Long Beach, Calif. His family relocated to the Rogue Valley in 1989 and he joined the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, spending one year in the Patrol Division. Sergi then served 20 years in the Medford Police Department, rejoining the Sheriff’s Office in early 2010 as Jail Commander.

In his 34 years of service, Sergi has held many progressively more responsible positions, including SWAT Team Member, Leader and Commander; Field Training Officer; and Patrol Sergeant and Commander.

As a trainer, Sergi excelled as the Defensive Tactics Program Manager. This involved the use of physical control and defensive tactics techniques, less-lethal options, and building search techniques. His approach was to continually improve the tactics and tools available to protect on-duty officers and all those around them from injury. Many of the tools Sergi was instrumental in deploying dramatically reduced injuries to officers, suspects and bystanders.

Sergi believes the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office needs new and stronger leadership to guide it in a better direction. “As a law enforcement agency, we’ve lost sight of our primary function and Jackson County citizens deserve better. The Sheriff’s Office has many talented professionals who simply aren’t being used to their highest level of experience and expertise.”

Sergi earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Northwest Christian College and Management Certificates in both Criminal and Corrections from the Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards of Training. He is a graduate of the Oregon State Sheriffs Association Command College.

Bob and Theresa Sergi live in the Central Point area and are very active in their community. They have two sons: Clint, an Oregon State University grad pursuing an advanced degree in biology; and Cole, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at OSU.


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